Stay Calm After An Accident With These Helpful Emergency Supplies

Being involved in an accident can leave you with a lot of questions, such as how you'll pay for repairs and find an alternative form of transportation. While these questions will be inevitably be answered in time, the most immediate thing to address is how to remain safe and get the proper compensation if you're injured and not at-fault. The following supplies being kept in your car can make an enormous difference in keeping you prepared and ensuring that an accident attorney like Master Weinstein Shatz Moyer, P.C. can be the most help to you.

Proof of Insurance

While having insurance paperwork tucked into your glove box won't be immediately necessary after being involved in an accident, it's still helpful to ensure that you can be helped by an accident attorney. The paperwork should include all the details necessary for your insurance provider to help compensate for the accident and give the other driver all the details they need.  

Personal Information

In the event that you're knocked unconscious or are too injured to speak coherently with emergency personnel, it's a good idea to have some personal information tucked away with your insurance documents. This paperwork should include details such as your blood type, any medical conditions, and contact information for trusted friends or family members.

Charged Cell Phone

If anybody is injured in the accident, you may find yourself needing to contact an ambulance for medical help. In this event, it's important that you have a cell phone which is fully charged. A good way to ensure that you have access to a working phone is keeping a spare battery in your glove box.

Window Breaker and Seatbelt Cutter

Getting trapped in your car can be a frightening situation, making it so important to have some crucial tools that can help you escape. A window breaker allows you to crack the glass, while a seatbelt cutter can help you get out of a stuck seat.

First Aid Kit

Putting together a first aid kit doesn't need to be pricey -- you just need to put together a few important supplies. Items such as bandages, aspirin, ointments, and gauze can all be especially handy after getting involved in a car accident.

While it may be hard to imagine getting into a car accident, there's no drawbacks to being prepared. Setting aside some time to collect a few important supplies to pack in your car can make all the difference if you ever find yourself or someone else injured in an accident.