Professional Legal Assistance For Your Tractor Trailer Accident Claim

If you're struggling to recover from physical injuries and vehicle damage due to a collision with a tractor trailer, it is in your best interest to retain the services of a personal injury lawyer who can fight for your rights and help you obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Approximately 4 percent of all physical injuries that occur during automotive accidents are the result of collisions with large trucks, with 77 percent of the victims being drivers or passengers of smaller cars or trucks. While accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, the reality is that many tractor trailer collisions are due to negligent truck drivers who are struggling with time constraints or sleep deprivation.

A professional tractor trailer accident lawyer is keenly aware of the dangers that average drivers face when sharing the road with big rig drivers, and will work hard to conduct a thorough investigation and file a detailed claim on your behalf. 

Attorney Consultation

The first step in retaining an accident attorney is to schedule a one-on-one consultation. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you can either meet with the attorney at their office or schedule a telephone or video conference. During the consultation, the attorney will ask you questions regarding the accident and examine any evidence you may have such as medical documents and photos of your injuries. If the attorney believes you have sufficient evidence to proceed with a lawsuit, they will provide you with a legal agreement and advise you on the next steps in the process. 

Additional Evidence/Investigation

Before your attorney can file a claim or send a monetary demand letter on your behalf, an investigation must usually be conducted to strengthen your case. You can help the attorney by providing them with additional evidence such as photos of the damage to your vehicle, copies of car repair estimates and contact information of individuals who witnessed the accident and are willing to make a statement or speak in court on your behalf.

In addition to the information you provide, the attorney may also travel to the scene of the accident in order to assess road or median damage and photograph any visible yaw marks or skid marks left on the road. Yaw and skid marks are essential to collision cases, as they can depict vehicle impact. Your attorney may also interview your witnesses and request additional medical information from the emergency room that treated you or your current physician in order to accurately depict the significance of your injuries. 

Filing Your Claim/Demand Letter

After the attorney has gathered all of the necessary evidence, they will calculate your expenses and draw up your claim. The attorney will also create a demand letter that states the reason you intend to file a claim and requests a specific monetary amount for your pain and suffering. The claim package will then be served upon the other driver's insurance company or attorney. 

Out of Court Negotiations/Settlement

If the other driver's attorney or insurance company believes you are in the right and their client was liable for the accident, there is a good chance that they will be willing to settle the matter out of court. However, if they feel they have sufficient evidence to contest your claim, you may need to move forward with a court trial. If a settlement is on the table, your attorney will do their very best to negotiate a reasonable amount of compensation on your behalf. 

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