4 Reasons You May Be Denied Workers' Compensation

If you've been hurt at work, this can cause a great deal of financial stress in your life. The challenges of getting your medical bills paid and making up missed workdays may simply be overwhelming. You may be able to receive workers' compensation for your financial losses, but you will need to ensure you meet the requirements for doing so. Knowing specific reasons why your claim may be denied will help you avoid this situation.

Reason #1: You waited too long to report the injury

It's in your best interest to notify your employer of the accident immediately after it happens. This will prevent you from being denied compensation for your claim. Additionally, not letting your boss know you were hurt right away could cause the company to question the accident ever occurred. Make sure you get any witness statements if you can.

Reason #2: You failed to see the right medical provider

Most employers have specific physicians that you must see if you've been injured at work. If you fail to go to one of these providers, you may revoke your right to receive compensation. Be sure to talk to your employer prior to visiting the doctor for treatment.

Reason #3:  You don't have documentation of your injury

It's necessary to get medical treatment if you've been hurt at work. You must visit a medical provider who will have the records on file to present on your behalf. These will allow the physician to show that your accident at work was the cause of your being hurt and you should receive workers' compensation for it.

Reason #4: You filled out the medical reports inaccurately

Your employer will ask you to fill out certain forms for you to receive workers' compensation. These will ask the details of your accident, and you should only provide accurate answers.

Providing false information could cause you to be denied compensation and may even result in penalties that could be filed against you in court. Engaging in fraudulent behavior is one sure way to avoid getting any financial assistance from your employer for your accident.

It's important to do the right things rather than the wrong ones when it comes to being hurt at work and attempting to obtain workers' compensation. The benefits of doing so will help ensure you're paid for your losses by your employer. Talk with an attorney, like Law Offices of Terry Katz & Associates, if you experience difficulty in receiving your rightful payment.