What Can You Do If The Insurance Adjuster Is Not Offering A Fair Settlement?

Negotiations with an insurance company after an accident can go on for months. Unfortunately, the insurance company will try a range of tactics to prevent you from getting the settlement you are entitled to. If you are currently negotiating with the insurance company and there is no resolution in sight, here are some options you have to push for a conclusion to your case.

Be Persistent

One tactic that an insurance adjuster might use is to attempt to out-wait you. The adjuster might believe that if he or she waits long enough, you will be more receptive to accepting a lower settlement amount. If you believe that is the case, you need to be persistent with your case and let the adjuster know that you are willing to go the distance.

You can show persistence by calling and writing the adjuster on a regular basis. With each contact, it is important that you restate what you feel is a fair and reasonable settlement amount. Over time, it is possible that you can push the adjuster to move towards a fairer settlement.

Contact the Supervisor

If you are unable to get the adjuster to move on his or her offer and you feel that the amount is unreasonably low, you can talk to the adjuster's supervisor. Ask the supervisor to review the claim and the supporting documentation. You also need to inform the supervisor of your asking amount and explain why you feel that it is warranted.

Once the supervisor reviews the file, he or she can make a determination as to whether or not the offered amount should be higher. If so, you can negotiate with him or her. If not, you should consider filing a lawsuit.

File a Lawsuit

A lawsuit can sometimes push an adjuster and the insurance company to reconsider a settlement offer. Insurance companies know that lawsuits can be costly to fight and there is the possibility that a sympathetic jury could award far more to the plaintiff.

When you file a lawsuit, you still have the option to negotiate with the insurance company. In fact, it is not uncommon for settlements to occur on the day of trial.

It is because you are the injured person, you have the right to decide which option is right for you. Consult with an experienced attorney like Irene M Rodriguez PA to assess whether going to court or continuing negotiations is the best plan of action for you.