Avoid These 3 Mistakes In Your Personal Injury Claim

Being injured in a car accident can be frustrating and overwhelming. There are a lot of different things you have to worry about. From getting your injuries taken care of, to dealing with the auto insurance company, to get your vehicle repaired, it seems like the process never ends. However, that doesn't mean you should settle for less than you deserve in an attempt to get your case done and over with. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when dealing with your personal injury claim.

Not contacting the police department.

After being in an accident, you need to contact the local police department to file an accident report. This is a crucial step in being able to claim your injuries from the accident. The police officer will write down details about the accident and gather information to substantiate what you claim happened. If the other party tries to deny their responsibility in the accident, you can use these reports to protect you and make sure your story doesn't go untold.

Providing a statement.

One of the worst things you can do is to give the insurance company a statement without having your attorney present. Giving a statement to the insurance company too early could end up damaging your claim for compensation. Many individuals will claim they weren't injured in the accident, only to end up finding out down the road that their injuries are more involved than they think. Injuries can take some time to show up. Insurance adjusters know this and will often use this to their advantage when trying to get information from you. Your lawyer will let you know when to talk to the insurance company. They will also advise you of what questions to answer and what ones to avoid.

Not going to the doctor when you should.

You need to seek medical advice about your injuries and the recovery process as quickly as possible. Missing out on crucial doctor appointments could end up coming back on you down the road. A doctor will make sure you get the treatment you need, while providing you with documentation that you can turn in to your insurance company.

By not making one of the mistakes above, you can make sure you get the compensation you deserve in the shortest amount of time possible. If you are ever in doubt about what you should or shouldn't be doing, talk to a licensed professional today, such as those at Stapleton Law Offices.