3 Types Of Social Media Posts That Can Affect Your Workers Compensation Claim

What a lot of people don't realize when filing a workers compensation claim is the fact that some insurance companies will have private investigators look at claimants' social media pages. Fraud occurs a lot more in the workers compensation world than a lot of people realize, and these insurance companies are taking steps to help prevent it. Because of this, it is very important to be careful about how you come across on social media. These are a few types of social media posts that can actually jeopardize your workers compensation claim.

1. Proof of Physical Activity

Since you are injured and unable to work, you are probably expected not to participate in too much physical activity, either. Make sure that your social media posts don't make it seem as if you are doing so. For example, you wouldn't want to post a status update about your long day at the gym, nor would you want to post a picture of yourself on a ski trip. These types of posts can make it seem as if you are actually more physically capable than you are letting on, which is not a good thing for this type of claim.

2. Admissions of Responsibility

It can be easy to admit responsibility without really even meaning to. However, posting status updates or other comments that admit guilt in some way -- such as if you claim that you were tired and not paying attention as you should have been when your accident happened -- can get in the way of your claim. Avoid this type of talk, and keep conversations about your accident to private messages with trusted individuals.

3. Comments About Healing

Even though you might want to tell your friends and family members that they don't have anything to worry about, you should be careful about posting about how much better you feel on your social media profile. If you do so, it could be perceived that your injury was very temporary and that you are already healing, which could certainly jeopardize your claim.

Even though the last thing that you probably want to worry about is how you are perceived on social media, it is important to be careful about your posts while you're going through a workers compensation claim. Otherwise, your claim could be jeopardized. Luckily, avoiding these three types of posts and using general caution when on social networking sites can help. If you need further advice, contact a law firm such as Neifert Byrne & Ozga.