Avoiding Hand Numbness To Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

For new motorcycle riders, hand numbness can be a startling occurrence. In fact, it can even lead to accidents and potential lawsuits if you fail to understand what it is and how to avoid it. Some of your driving habits can actually contribute to hand numbness, which can put you at risk of an accident that could end up costing you significantly. Here are some guidelines to remember to help you avoid this problem. 

Learn To Let Go

Your grip on the handlebars should only be tight enough to hold. You should be able to wiggle your fingers easily without interfering with your grip. This is important because holding on to the handlebars too tightly can actually strain your forearm muscles and the tendons in your wrists. The strain can cause tingling and numbness. Take the opportunity to shake out your hands a bit at every red light or another stop, because this will help to loosen your muscles and encourage sufficient blood flow.

Loosening your grip also helps to minimize the vibration transmitting through the handlebars. That vibration can be a key contributor for the numbness that you might feel, so this is an important consideration. You can minimize it even further by installing foam grips on your handlebars. Foam will dampen more of the vibration.

Perform A Balancing Act

The position you ride in can also contribute to numbness as well. If you ride with most of your weight leaning on your hands, that's going to lead to wear and tear on your shoulder muscles as well as your hands and wrists. Make an effort to balance the distribution of your weight across the entire bike. To do this, grasp the tank with your legs. That way, you're drawing some of your weight into your core muscles and your lower body. This reduces the strain on your hands.  

Embrace Change

Changing the position of your handlebars can often make a big difference in the comfort of your ride. When the handlebars are adjusted properly, it creates a more streamlined riding position. Don't be stuck in the ruts of leaving things where they've always been or assuming that the stock position is right for your bike. You should be able to grasp the handlebars easily without needing to bend your wrists. If you're bending, you're compressing the carpal tunnel and median nerves.

These tips can help you preserve the feeling in your hands when you're on your bike, reducing the risk of an accident. If you are in a motorcycle accident and you injure someone, reach out to an attorney (such as one from Welsh & Welsh PC LLO) right away. He or she can help you protect your financial interests along the way.