Three Reasons To Hire An Attorney After An Injury Accident With A Commercial Truck

If you have been in an accident with a commercial truck that has resulted in an injury to you, then you need to hire a traffic accident attorney with experience involving commercial trucks. There are unique circumstances involving a commercial truck that are not present with accidents involving just cars. The following are a few of these circumstances.

Corporate attorneys have enormous experience with these accidents

Before you even think about filing any sort of claim with the business's insurance company, you are likely to be dealing with corporate attorneys. The larger the company, the better chance this will happen. These attorneys will often offer a quick cash settlement so there is no insurance claim that will raise their insurance rates. Insuring a fleet of commercial trucks is expensive, so they try to keep the cost as low as possible. But if you make it past the corporate attorneys, the insurance company is sure to give you a settlement that is much lower than the law allows. Other than a small fender bender, you need to have an attorney in your corner to be compensated for all the damages.

The reasons for truck accidents are often different from cars

There are many ways that a truck can cause a traffic accident that are rarely or never seen with cars. It is important to have an attorney that understands all of these circumstances, as well as different types of trucks that are on the road today. Semi-trucks, for example, often take turns too tightly, swiping the side of a car inside them. These trucks are commonly used by many companies. Supermarkets routinely use large fleets of these trucks. Smaller trucks may have issues with equipment that has been neglected. There are many possibilities, and a truck accident attorney will be familiar with all of them.

The laws regarding trucks are different in many ways

You may have been in an accident with a truck on a highway. Truck drivers are subjected to many rules regarding the operation of a truck that are different from a car driver. Not adhering to these rules can lead to an accident. Some of these accidents will be on interstate highways and may involve regulations regarding transportation at the federal level and not just state laws. A truck accident attorney will understand all of these laws and how they may relate to an accident.

When you have been injured in a traffic accident with a truck, you will need an attorney, but not just a traffic accident attorney, but one with experience with trucks colliding with cars. They understand all of the laws, the various ways trucks can cause accidents, and they are experienced at negotiating with insurance adjusters and corporate lawyers for companies with trucking fleets.

For more information, contact a commercial vehicle accident attorney.