Sneaky Tricks Car Insurance Adjusters Use to Reduce Your Compensation

After you are involved in an auto accident, you will likely be in contact with the insurance provider of the other driver. Usually, an insurance adjuster will be very polite and will pretend to be understanding about your injuries and the difficulties you are now facing. However, it's important to watch out for common tactics that an insurance adjuster will use to try to minimize the compensation you will receive.

1. They'll Request Permission to See Your Medical Records

The insurance provider will want you to sign a medical release form so they can have access to your medical records. They will often want access to medical records that they can then use against you. Often, the goal of an insurance provider is to find out if you have any pre-existing conditions that they can then blame on your injuries.

You're better off speaking with auto accident services about which steps you should take. You may need to provide medical information, but it will need to be informed that is relevant to your case and nothing else.

2. They'll Tell You Not to Get a Lawyer

Because a lawyer can help you defend your rights, the adjuster will try to discourage you from getting a lawyer. They will try to convince you that the attorney will simply cost you money and will not increase the settlement that you will be able to receive.

The insurance adjuster might also have something to hide that an attorney might reveal. For example, the insurance provider might know that the other driver was speeding at the time of the accident. Or they might simply know that you will receive less in compensation if you are not working with an auto accident attorney.

3. They'll Spy On You

There might be a private investigator sitting in a vehicle parked nearby your home spying on you. The purpose of surveillance is to look for evidence that you are not as injured as you claim. By proving this, the insurance provider may then attempt to reduce your benefits.

However, even if the insurance provider attempts to reduce your benefits, you can often fight back with a strong legal case. An attorney can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance provider and can also help you calculate the damages you have suffered so you can negotiate with the insurance provider and seek the maximum compensation possible for your injuries.