3 Reasons You Need To Call A Motorcycle Attorney

Whether you are a brand new or veteran motorcyclist, then you are likely aware of the risks that riding a motorcycle poses. Just a single study of motorcycle riders in Ontario, Canada showed that on average, motorcycle accidents are more common, more serious, and more expensive than automobile accidents. Because of this, it is always best to be prepared to take action as soon as possible after an accident that occurs while riding a motorcycle. Keep reading below for why one of the first things you should do is contact a motorcycle accident attorney.

Countering a Lowball Settlement Offer

Don't be surprised if you are contacted just days after the accident by representatives from insurance companies. While there may be valuable information to learn from these conversations, the primary purpose of such a call is likely to be a settlement offer -- some amount of cash in exchange for your agreement to settle matters and not pursue further legal action. While it may seem like the smart decision in the moment to take the offer, it is not unusual for these kinds of offers to represent a fraction of the compensation you deserve. It is much smarter to contact an attorney who can quickly and professionally counter this offer with a fairer one.

Investigating the Accident

The facts and fault of the accident may seem clear to you, but you'll likely face a major obstacle in proving legal liability. Another reason to call a motorcycle accident attorney is their ability to further investigate the accident in various ways. They can get statements from witnesses who were there at the scene of the accident, gather relevant video evidence from nearby security cameras, and even interview any officers who arrived after the accident took place. All of this helps to build a mountain of evidence that is more likely to result in an airtight case.

Allowing You Time to Recover

The only thing more important after an accident than being awarded a settlement you deserve is recovering quickly and completely. Having to deal with the negotiations and legal paperwork that accompany an accident is often difficult -- if not impossible -- to do effectively when you are injured and trying to recuperate. Contacting motorcycle accident attorney services will allow you to heal on your own timeframe rather than stress out about when you need to submit documents or how quickly you have to get back to work. Look into more info to help you on your journey.