3 Important Things A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For Individuals Injured By A Slip And Fall

Slips and falls that occur within businesses are common occurrences. Individuals who fall are likely to be embarrassed, and they may experience an adrenaline rush that interferes with them being able to feel that they have been injured. It is not uncommon for these individuals to tell bystanders that they are not hurt. Sometimes the onset of pain is felt hours or days later, and bruises may not appear until later too. Some injury victims feel their pain immediately or seek emergency room care to be on the safe side. 

There are a variety of things that can cause these accidents. They are often due to the negligence of the business owner or employees. Individuals may be offered compensation if they are injured due to a slip and fall incident. The following points highlight why victims should use a personal injury lawyer as a resource before accepting settlement offers.

Prove Liability

Some injury cases are harder to prove than others. Victims may get frustrated, and the demands of insurance companies representing businesses can be overwhelming. Some of these insurance company representatives may accuse victims of being fully or partially responsible. 

Most businesses have CCTV footage. This can be a viable way to prove liability as long as the cameras work. There are other ways to prove liability too. Employees may exhibit or admit to negligent actions such as mopping a floor but not leaving a warning sign. Repair issues such as worn flooring or unsecured or torn rugs can also lead to customers falling and injuring themselves. These are negligent actions, and the business owner could be held liable. They have a responsibility to ensure that their properties are safe and that their employees are properly trained.

Determine Valuation of Injury Case

Insurance companies may offer injury victims settlements that do not consider all aspects of damages. They may not account for the time that victims miss from work. Their offer may be focused on paying for medical bills and monetary compensation that may not account for future medical costs. A personal injury attorney can evaluate a case and improve the chances of an injury victim getting fairly compensated.

Negotiate Settlements

Victims may be impressed with a seemingly high settlement offer or feel that they should receive more. A personal injury attorney can negotiate settlements on behalf of victims. This relieves individuals from the stress of having to speak to insurance representatives. They can focus on rehabilitation and transitioning back into their daily lives.

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