Challenges Of Settling A Car Accident If Other Party Does Not Have Insurance

Settling a car accident in a normal situation is never a fast and easy process, but it can become even more difficult when the responsible party does not have auto insurance. The responsible party refers to the driver who caused the accident, as he or she will be responsible to pay the settlement, but you will likely face some challenges if this person did not have any auto insurance at the time of the accident.

When Can You Represent Yourself In A Car Accident Case?

Should you ever represent yourself in court? Most lawyers will tell you no, and for good reason. The law has a language and a set of rules all its own, and it's difficult, if not impossible, for a layperson to learn them quickly enough and well enough to effectively represent themselves. But not every car accident case goes to court, and there may be times when you can handle a settlement on your own.

What Legal Options Does The Passenger In A Car Accident Have?

When you are the passenger in a car accident, you may worry that you're not covered for injuries sustained. You are, but it will depend on several factors to determine who you claim through and what legal options you have. Here's a look at your rights if you're a passenger in a car accident. No Need to Prove Liability It will actually be easier for a passenger to claim in most cases.

How To Avoid Having Your Workers Compensation Claim Denied

If you get injured at work and need to recover lost wages and pay for medical bills, you will want to receive workers compensation. Workers compensation is offered by employers to employees who get injured on the job, regardless who is at fault, and, in return, employers are protected from being sued directly by their injured employees. It's win-win protection in most cases, but there are times when a workers compensation claim gets denied.

Two Insurance Problems That Can Reduce Your Medical Malpractice Award

In general, it's better to file malpractice lawsuits against medical professionals who have insurance to cover the incidents. It's easier to collect damages from insurance companies with billions of dollars in assets than from individuals who may have more debt than cash. However, there are things that can impact the amount of money you receive from an insurance company. Here are two issues you should be aware of. Coverage Limitations