3 Times Where You Can File A Wrongful Death Suit

A wrongful death suit can be filed as a personal injury case. A wrongful death suit can allow the family or care taker of the deceased to claim damages for emotional and financial woes caused to them due to the plaintiff's role in the deceased's death. Throughout the course of this brief article, you will learn of a few situations where you can file for a wrongful death suit. Vehicle Manufacturer

Three Things You Should Know About Compensation For Pets Injured In Auto Accidents

State laws govern the issue of pets injured in car accidents. Therefore, don't assume anything if your pet is injured in a car crash; what you think is true may be very different from the reality. Here are three essential things to know about pets injured in such accidents: Pets Are Property You may consider your pet a family member, but the law usually disagrees; most states consider pets as personal property.

Personal Injury In A Logging Camp: How A Lawyer Can Help You Ascertain If You Have A Case

Certain jobs that come with an expected level of danger, like logging, may offer little in the way of protection against personal injury. If you signed on to work as a logger in a logging camp, and then you are injured, your worker's compensation may only cover you for the time it takes to heal from the injury. Death and dismemberment insurance should cover any losses incurred when you have lost a hand, foot, arm or leg, and sometimes even when you lose an eye or lose your sight.

3 Types Of Social Media Posts That Can Affect Your Workers Compensation Claim

What a lot of people don't realize when filing a workers compensation claim is the fact that some insurance companies will have private investigators look at claimants' social media pages. Fraud occurs a lot more in the workers compensation world than a lot of people realize, and these insurance companies are taking steps to help prevent it. Because of this, it is very important to be careful about how you come across on social media.

Emotional Distress: Whether Or Not To Include In Your Lawsuit

If you are in the midst of preparing a case to sue the person who caused an auto accident in which you were hit, the topic of emotional distress is likely showing up. Emotional distress can be a difficult problem to prove, especially in light of how the cause of the distress has not always been considered admissible evidence. However, while proving emotional distress is not always easy, it can be done.